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University-launched bioventure company
GalPharma is a university-launched venture company that was established in November 2000 in order to translate research results by Mitsuomi Hirashima, a professor in the Department of Immunology and Immunopathology at Kagawa Medical University (now Faculty of Medicine, Kagawa University) into practical application.

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GalPharma Co.,Ltd.

NEXT-Kagawa 204,
2217-44 Hayashi-cho,
Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
760-0301, Japan

November 1, 2000

877.5 million yen


Representative director and president@Susumu Sakata
Representative director@@@@@@@@Mitsuomi Hirashima
Director@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Nozomu Nishi
Director@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Akira Yamauchi
Director@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Naoko Yoshida
Director@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Masaji Tatano
Director@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Tadashi Obara
Director@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Satoru Iino
Auditor @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Kouji Iwamura


We focus our research and development on galectin-9 and other carbohydrate binding proteins and make our primary efforts to provide pharmaceutical companies with analytical information on the role of these carbohydrate binding proteins in relevant diseases and optimized drug candidates.