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Development of new drugs requires tremendous time and money, and pharmaceutical companies tend to increase research and development spending to continually place value-added products on the market. In order to streamline research and development, pharmaceutical companies try to outsource these activities and introduce research outcomes from external companies more aggressively than before. In the context of technical and scientific progress, large pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the Unites States adopt merger and acquisition strategies to establish efficient research systems. In addition to their own research activities, they actively use external resources by forming a partnership with venture companies, especially in basic research and highly specialized fields.

For significant diseases in which galectin-9 or other carbohydrate binding proteins are involved, we consider potential indications and the market for each drug candidate and then initiate projects. We focus our research and development on galectin-9 and other carbohydrate binding proteins, conduct functional analysis of individual proteins in relevant diseases, and identify and optimize the drug candidates. We use the candidates to conduct pharmacodynamic studies with animal models, pharmacokinetic studies, and essential toxicity studies. At present, the scope of our business includes basic research into these areas and drug discovery research. After increasing our funds and resources, however, we will maximize the business value by conducting in-house development (preclinical and clinical studies), adding value to our projects, and then forming a partnership with pharmaceutical companies.