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Galectins, the primary target of our drug discovery research, are a group of animal lectins (carbohydrate binding proteins) that recognize the ƒΐ-galactoside structure. At present, galectins-1 to -14 are known in mammals. GalPharma focuses, among the family of galectins, on the functions of galectin-9 and is developing itfs business. The major functions of galectin-9 are as follows:

@@œ Apoptosis of cancer cells
@@œ Enhancement of cancer cell aggregation
@@œ Inhibition of adhesion of cancer cells to the extracellular matrix
@@œ Recruitment of effector cells
@@œ Apoptosis induction in lymphocytes responsible for excess immune response

These research data suggest that galectin-9 is closely involved in cancer, inflammatory disorders including autoimmune diseases, and allergies as an immunomodulator. We are researching and developing therapeutic agents, without adverse reactions, for refractory diseases that use the immunomodulating effects of galectins and maximize a humanfs innate self-healing ability.